Domestic Short Hair

Katniss is a sweet, cuddly girl who loves attention and being around people. She enjoys a good nap but, like her namesake, can be feisty when playing with her catnip toys. She is equal parts friendly and independent, and will enjoy napping near you or on you, and likes watching her minions—sorry, humans-- putter around the apartment. She is a confident kitty who enjoys exploring all corners of a house or apartment, and may give you a little lovebite if she’s tired of pats or if you pat the wrong spot. Just as a warning, though – she’s very polite! She might do well with an older, low-key dog but put her near an energetic pup and she’ll puff up faster than a Trader Joe’s chocolate croissant in the oven. Overall, Katniss would make a great companion to a household, especially one with only adults or one with older children (as young children may not be able to read her signals to back off). She has so much love to give!