Domestic Short Hair

Oblina is the sweetest and gentlest young lady on the block! Obi, as she’s called in her foster home, is a cute, calm, independent tabby who LOVES pets. She’s a young female tabby with gray and black markings over her white fur. She loves and appreciates her caretakers. Mornings, afternoons, or when you come from work, she’ll be there waiting to greet you (and mildly complain that you left her alone for a bit too long) when you call for her. She loves to snuggle up by your feet when you’re sitting on the floor reading or when it's time for bed. Her day-to-day activities look like a nice morning stretch after waking up, followed by having breakfast and then taking a nice nap (thanks to her midnight zoomies keeping her up). Coming around and then having dinner and finally calling it night. She takes plenty of breaks in between nap/rest sessions to entertain herself. She’s still exploring which toys she enjoys playing with but tennis balls are her current favorite! Although she’s always craving affection, Obi isn’t much of a lap cat and doesn’t like being held for too long. Luckily, it takes only 5 minutes to trim her claws once you remain calm when holding her! She feeds very strongly off the energy of her humans so if you’re calm, she’ll be calm. Her calm and sweet demeanor would make her a great addition to any home with adults and other adult cats. She wouldn’t be suitable in a home with children or active cats as she gets spooked rather easily from non-gentle, high-energy interactions. This may be due to her previous life as a street cat making her wary of humans and situations until she understands that you mean well. But once she knows you’re on her side, she’ll trust you with her heart.